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You will be the envy of the beach and the pool !
Get ready because you will be questioned about it !

Always clean. Directly in the washer and the dryer to keep it as the first day

Forget about making a little pile of sand under your towel to support your head. From now on…

The Cacahuete Petit arrives for the little ones

Cacahuete Petit follows the initial concept of the « Cacahuete Beach » cushion: designed for summer, sea, beach, boat or pool, if it gets wet it will dry fast, as it’s made with swimsuit fabric and lined with synthetic fiber. Then, to keep it as the first day, it can be put in the washing machine. It’s also perfect for home: on the bed, on the sofa, and above all, as a peanut-shaped cuddly toy..

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First thing: comfort above all ! 

Forget about the little pile of sand under your towel to support your head, the bag full of irregularities or the pareo that does not give you the right height when you sunbathe.

The A MARES cushions, or « peanut beach » as we call them, are made of polyamide (the same fabric than swimsuits) and filled with synthetic fiber to facilitate their quick drying.

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